Battle Cries

As the weather begins to get colder in the Northern hemisphere, Christmas decor, with earlier than ever presence, begins to spark thoughts of sugar plums and greeting protocols alike. 
     I am of the mind that I really don’t have much preference of how others greet me, as long as I’m not being called an arse, I am quite content.
     For a few years now there has been debate raging, regarding the use of ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays,’ they are seen as being at odds with one another and unable to be reconciled in the hearts and minds of those using and hearing these phrases.
     I personally don’t believe there is a war on God with these miniscule utterings. 
     When I think “war on”… I think, war on terrorism, something with a little more umph!  War on prejudice, war on racism as well.
      War on Christmas, or war on Christianity, is a little bit self absorbed in my opinion.  Is Christianity the only possible belief system that is taking a hit with distaste of he masses? Try being an atheist!!
      A couple hundred years ago Christianity was it. It was the be all, end all.  Should you live in places that embraced Christianity, you were shit out of luck to believe anything not handed down by doctrine.  Many men and women found the cold grave due to something as personal as holding their own values and beliefs.  There was no wiggle room for atheism and science was certainly frowned upon. How many scientists of the day were imprisoned or killed because they dared propose the the idea that the earth was not the centre of the universe?  My guess is, quite a few. 
     Eventually science started to grab a foothold.  People started realizing that killing scientists and unbelievers was a ‘not so cool’ tactic.
     As science began to make some pretty good arguments, people began using the newfound technology to help save people’s lives.  Science brought in a new era of medical assistance, food safety, heck, hygiene.  Cars were developed, tv, you name it. 
      My point is, Christianity has been in the spotlight for centuries, just because a few folk don’t care to follow that particular path, does not indicate a war on Christianity.  It doesn’t utter a battle cry on Jesus.  Christianity has had its way for centuries, why is there no room for those of us who do not share your beliefs?  Are we so worthless without the belief in God that we can’t utter a different greeting come Christmas time?   The only option is the Christian option? Case closed?
      I believe that we all have our rights to use the greetings of our choice, without it being perceived as an attack to your personal dignity, or that of your Lord.  When I say Happy Holidays to someone, I am not running around behind them to stick the ol’ well known knife in their back.  I’m not kicking their shins and telling them they are stupid for their beliefs.  So why can’t I be given the same respect and not be seen as an evil demon for using a simple phrase that differs from yours.  It’s not an attack on your person.  Take it as it’s meant to be… A holiday greeting!
     Let us not forget that there are other belief systems out there who share similar-ish holiday seasons, Jewish celebrations for instance overlap with Christian holidays.  We don’t seem to hear much fuss from them that we’re attacking their rights and personal, deeply held beliefs.  It’s extremely hard to hear of anyone voicing distaste when encountering a Jewish person and receiving a greeting from them that is not Christian based.   Why is it us atheists are not given the same respect? 
     It’s a simple greeting folks, pick your battles. 


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