7:36 am on a Sunday

Well, it’s early.  Especially for me, on a weekend day.  It’s early, and I’m already completely overwhelmed.  I have too much stimuli coming in and my daughter isn’t even up yet.  The dishes were piled high, the cat was yowling, which normally doesn’t phase me, but this morning I want to crawl back in bed, for the entire day and avoid everything.
     Yesterday was my husband’s only day off on the weekend, he’ll get another at some point through the week, so we went to town to get him some things for work, and I needed a couple things. I needed yarn to crochet up a baby blanket for my friend’s baby that will be along soon. And it was all too much.  We got home, and my poor husband had to shovel our van out of a snowbank, I had to make dinner, and we both had groceeies to put away. Too much!
   Now it’s Sunday morning, my husband is at work and I need a vacation from my head.
   My daughter just got up, as I was writing this, so now at least I can get a hand from her in tidying her things up off the dining table. My daughter is nine, and while there are times when it’s just overload, overload, she is a great help.
     Speaking of my daughter, I’m overwhelmed, but never enough so that I can’t brag about her.  She’s been writing stories lately, and I may be biased, but they’re good. Well written, well thought out.



Here’s a couple photos of one story.

     The house is vacuumed, load of laundry on the go, and now I am free for the day.
     All that accomplished and I still want to go back to bed and hide….
     I need to book a vacation for my head!   I’m tired!


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