Stressed Quite Nicely

Well, I’m stressed to the max. My poor husband is at work not being helped by the person that the company he works for, hired her to do. 
      My husband spent 12 hours at work yesterday, he works on a commercial farm, got home at 11pm, and was back at work by 6am.  There’s an hour drive each way for him to get there and back.  The woman they hired to help him lives 10 minutes away and won’t spend a single second past her usual quitting time.
     I know, I am not one to speak, my moods sometimes have me sherking responsibility, and maybe this woman is suffering something similar, but when it comes to work, I may not like going, or doing what I need to do, but goddamn it, I damn well do it.  I would not be able to live with myself, seeing the person I was hired to help, working 4 hours later than quitting time and knowing that person had an hour drive to get back home when I only lived 10 minutes away.  I just don’t understand people.  There’s no sense of responsibility anymore. 
     End of rant!

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