Jamie and AdamWhile feeling less than stellar with my moods lately, I have been taking some time and doing some drawing. It’s the least obnoxious thing I can think of doing while not feeling well.
Anyways, I finished my drawing of Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters. It’s not a great pic of the drawing, but there’s so much graphite on the paper that it’s hard to get a pic that isn’t reflecting on the graphite.
So anyways, here it is…


Just read a post….

Just read a little blurb about what you shouldn’t say to someone when they are depressed. All of which I agreed with, but what do you do if you are the person who is depressed and the people asking you questions don’t realize you are depressed? Sometimes it isn’t immediately recognizable that you (the sufferer) are depressed, maybe the people think you are just in deep thought or something. What should we as depressed people do? It’s hard to just come out and say to someone, I am suffering from depression. Maybe then they’ll think you’re being melodramatic if you are willing to actually state that you are depressed.
Any ideas on how to let someone in on how you are mentally feeling? I generally say I am mentally and emotionally exhausted, or that my head is acting up, but unless the person knows me well, they won’t get those remarks. How to let someone know you are suffering with depression without making it sound like you are just dying for attention. I know when I am depressed, attention is the last thing I want.

Any ideas?