Two spectacular murmurations

Absolutely beautiful, to watch these birds move in unison!

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out by a couple of readers, and gleefully by the Discovery Institute, that the first video below comes from a documentary on Intelligent Design called “Flight: The genius of birds”.  I didn’t know that when I posted it, and I didn’t look up the link at the end, for I was simply mesmerized by the display of murmuration.  Had I known this, I would certainly have called it to the readers’ attention, but I probably still would have posted the video, with a caveat, because the visuals are spectacular. Even a blind pig, or a herd of them, can find an acorn.

The phenomenon of murmuration, which scientists are trying to explain (and starting to succeed) gives not the slightest evidence for God, so those of you who are gloating that a pro-ID video appeared on this site, just stuff it! Nobody here is going…

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